Ahri’s Tail (K/DA skin)- League of Legends

K/Da Ahri’s Tail

To create K/DA Ahri's Tail, I first took in game reference images from League of Legends. I next made a too scale model in a 3d modeling program called Rhino 6 to create the exact shape of the tail. Next, I imported my lines into Adobe Illustrator & made a flat template (Template available on my website, link below). Then, printed out my template & traced my pattern onto TranspArt worbla with a sharpie. Next, I cut out my pieces with scissors & used a heat gun to flatten them. To help the pieces bend easier, I scored it with an exacto blade. I then used an airbrush gun to paint the tail pieces using Color Shift acrylic paint that I heavily watered down with airbrush flow improver. To attach the pieces together, I used third arms to help hold the pieces together and fused the tail together using a soldering iron. For the inside structural support I made a piece in Rhino 6 & 3d printed it in ABS filament which I glued it to the inside of the tail. I then finished attaching all the pieces with a soldering iron again. The final step was to epoxy & sew the tail to a leather belt & then my K/DA Ahri Tail was done!