Asuna’s Sword- Sword Art Online

First I took screen shots of Asuna's sword form the show. I next made a to scale template in Adobe Illustrator. After all my lines were right, I imported it into Rhino6 and built my sword. 

Once my CAD was done I printed it into five sections on my Prusa i3 Mk2 3D-Printer using PLA plastic.

To attach each piece together I used two-part epoxy. (I did not epoxy my handle to the blade so that way I can detach it for trasportaion in my suit case.)

To remove the stair step look from the 3d printer, I used Flexible Spackling and sanded. Once this was done I sprayed a gray sandable spray paint to fill any final stair steps.

The final step is painting. I used acrylic paint on all the pieces and sealed it with a Satin Crystal Clear Enamel spray paint.