Model: Tiffany Gordon

Asuna’s Wings- Sword Art Online

Asuna’s Wings

To create the wings, I first got reference images from the anime Sword Art Online of Asuna's wings. I then made a to-scale template in Adobe Illustrator of the wings (available on my website). Next, I drew on the veins onto my template using a Sharpie (don't forget to add a hook for attaching it to your shirt). I then traced the vein pattern onto tracing paper & cut out. Next, I traced the vein pattern onto worbla with a Sharpie & cut out with scissors. To make the worbla lay flat, I applied a light coat of heat with a heat gun. To give the veins a nicer look, I spray painted both sides of the veins a metallic silver.

Next step is to cut Transparent Wrap the length of the veins & put weights on the corners to hold it down. I then sprayed a coat of Elmer's Craft Bond onto the Transparent Wrap & veins. With the help of a second person, I slowly laid the veins down started at one end and working my way down (once the vein touches the Transparent Wrap, you can not peel it up to fix any mistakes). Once both veins were on the sheet, I cut out a second sheet of Transparent Wrap & sprayed a coat of Elmer's Craft Bond onto it and again onto the vein covered Transparent Wrap sheet. Again with assistance from a second person, I laid the second sheet of Transparent Wrap onto the other sheet. Starting from one side, I slowly laid the sheet down, smoothing it out with a roller as I worked to the other side. The next step was to use a tool to smooth out the wrinkles.

The final steps were to use the original wing template & trace it with a Sharpie onto the sheets. Finally, I cut out each wing with scissors & then Asuna's wings were done!!!