Auriel’s wings- Diablo III/ Heroes of the storm

The wings took the longest time to construct and plan out. I wanted the wings to be lightweight enough and disassemble to fit inside a suitcase with easily removable LED lights.

First, I needed to figure out my scale. I drew a basic size template in Adobe Illustrator and traced the scale onto brown paper to determine the best proportions for my height.

For the smaller wings I made to-scale templates in Adobe Illustrator and then imported them into a 3D modeling program called Rhino5 and built my 3D version. Once I was happy with the final 3D model, I spliced each wing into 6 sections to print on my Prusa i3 mk2 printer. Once all pieces where printed I glued them together using two-part epoxy and left them to dry. To get rid of the ‘stair-step’ look from the 3D printer I covered the wings with a Flexible Spackling Dap and sanded smooth. To smooth the pieces even more I then covered them with two coats of sandable spray paint and sanded smooth. To paint them I used masking tape and painted the wings with gold airbrush paint. I then masked the gold areas and did a base coat of blue & then a final coat of green. The last part for painting the wings was to add the black detail paint with the airbrush.  

For the harness I created a 3d printed backplate in which I glued carbon fiber tubes to easily allow the smaller wings to come on and off. I used leather as the strapping & one side squeeze buckle for attachment.  

For the larger wings I made a to-scale template with Adobe Illustrator and transferred it onto brown paper. From this shape I bent CPVC pipes with a heat gun & heat resistant glove. I then measured out the max length that would fit into my suitcase and cut the pipes of each wing into manageable segments. I then used CPVC slip couplings glued on one end to allow each part to easily disassemble. Next, I painted the pipes a greyish-blue color with my airbrush to camouflage the structure. Afterwards I added Velcro on the underside of each pipe to attach my Led light strips to. It was critical to be able to easily put on and remove the lights for travel.

For the fabric of the wings I used different types of white tulle and cheese cloth-like fabrics and hand dyed them with various shades of blue acrylic paints. Once all the fabric was the color I desired, I glued the fabric onto each pipe section using hot glue, being careful to only glue to the top side of the pipes so as to not interfere with the LED lights below.