Auriel’s Breastplate- Diablo III/ Heroes of the storm

To create the breastplate, I wrapped one of my dress forms in saranwrap and masking tape to draw my templates. I used EVA foam and craft foam to construct each section and sanded them with my sanding drum. I used contact cement to glue all the pieces together and heat treated each part with my heat gun. To fill any unwanted seams & cracks I used Kwik Seal again and then covered the breast plate with three coats of Plasti Dip. Once dry, I taped off my piece and painted the breast plate gold using an airbrush. After drying, I masked off the gold areas and did a base coat of blue followed by a main coat of green and then added details with black airbrush paint. The final step was to add Velcro to attach the breast plate to the back plate.