Ciri’s belt- Witcher 3

To create my template, I took various screenshots from the game and used those to create my template in Adobe Illustrator.

I printed my template onto Blue Press-n-Peel Transfer Film to prepare for electrolytic etching. Using an iron I transferred these templates onto copper plates for etching.

I used an adjustable DC Power Supply and a salt water jar to etch the negative into each copper plate.

After the etch was complete, I cut all pieces out with a jeweler's saw, filed and sanded to finish.

To form the three-dimensional spheres on each plate I used a tap and die.

Afterwards, I used a drill to create all the necessary holes to lace each plate together.

For the paint job I did a combination of silver spray paint, liver of sulfur patina, and homemade blueing patina to apply the final patinas to each copper plate. To seal the patinas I used clear gloss enamel spray paint on each plate.

Finally I attached each piece to a leather strap and added hook & eyes for the closer.