Daenerys Targaryen’s corset (Khaleesi)- Game of thrones


I started by taking screenshots from the Game of Thrones appropriate episodes to get as many references of Danaerys' particular outfit as possible.

To create my template I wrapped myself in saran wrap and covered it in masking tape to get my exact measurements and drew my pattern onto it. I then drew it again onto tracing paper and cut it out in leather using an exacto blade.

For painting the leather I wanted to achieve an antique look, for this I mixed Eco Flow Cova Color Gold and black leather paint. I sealed with Eco Flo Satin Shene and laced it up with a blue ribbon.


For the beads, I purchased an assortment of beads and stones from craft stores that were similar to the reference images. To string all these items together I used black leather thread.