Dual Blades (Fire & ice)- Monster Hunter World

*The Large Dual Blade brakes down into two sections to fit inside a suitcase for transportation*

To create the Larger Dual Blade, I first took in game reference images from Monster Hunter World of the Larger Dual Blade (Fire & Ice). I then created my base lines in Adobe Illustrator (Template available on my website). I then traced out my pattern three times onto insulation foam board & cut out using a scroll saw. Next, I cut CPVC into two sections and epoxied the pieces together (this is the inner structure as well as the threaded part that will allow the handle to disassemble from the blade for transportation inside a suit case). Once my CPVC lengths were cut, I then traced the shape onto one of the insulation foam board pieces & cut it out. I used hot glue to hold the CPVC pipes inside the insulation foam board. Next, I hot glued each insulation foam board together (apply pressure to make sure it attaches flush to each layer). I then drew on guides & carved the the pieces to shape with a snap blade knife & sanded.

To give a more 3D effect, I used 4mm EVA foam as a base for the high parts on the blade & glued them to the insulation foam board with contact cement glue. (***Contact cement glue will melt insulation foam board & will leave a non flat surface after***) Next, I covered the entire blade with contact glue & covered the piece in one, preheat treated, sheet of 2mm EVA foam. I then used a various of tools to push the 2mm EVA foam into the creases. After, I sanded my edge with a sanding drum & used Kwik seal to fill the seams & cracks. Next was to make the straps around the blade. For this I cut strips out of 4mm EVA foam, heat treated the pieces with a heat gun & glued to the blade with more contact cement glue. To add texture to the piece, I used a soldering iron to apply an all over organic feel. The last step before priming was to do a LIGHT all over heat treat with a heat gun (must do this step after using a soldering iron texture because the EVA foam will be crunchy & sharp and the heat gun will make it softer).

I then sprayed two coats of Plasti Dip to the entire piece & let dry. Next, I masked off the strap pieces with masking tape & did a base coat of a brown/gray paint mix with an airbrush. I then sprayed a white then a brown/orange/black paint mix. Next I used a gray/brown mix & sprayed little sections at a time & wiped off the wet paint with a paper towel (this will leave the paint in the crevasses & also give the piece a more realistic bone look). Next, I airbrushed the piece black. After all the paint was dry, I removed the tape & masked off the painted areas with masking tape. Next, I airbrush painted the straps with red/brown/black paint mix followed with black airbrush paint that I removed with a paper towel as I painted. The last steps were to remove the tape & add details with acrylic paint & then the Larger Dual Blade was done!