geralt’s swords- witcher 3

To create my template, I took various screenshots from the game and used those to create my template in Adobe Illustrator.  

I used pine 1 x 4in piece of wood that I cut using a band saw and an angle grinder to sculpt the blades. I then cut out the guard and created a slot to slide onto the blades and glued. Using sanding blocks and hand sanding I smoothed and contoured all the shapes to a 320 grit finish.

After sanding I sprayed the entire piece with silver spray paint for a base coat and then used acrylic paint for all the details. The pieces were then clear coated with a gloss clear enamel spray paint.

To make the sheaths, I cut leather to fit each blade and sewed together. Snaps and straps were added to make the swords easily detatchable to complete the build.