Hanzo’s bow (Lone Wolf skin)- Overwatch

The first step was to use Overwatch's Hero Gallery to view the skin.  I used the print screen function on my computer to take images of the weapon at every angle necessary for reference. I then used tracing paper to make my templates.

My base for under all of these pieces is insulation foam. Using a band saw I cut the basic forms out of the insulation foam. I then used an extendable razor blade to cut and make fine details into my pieces.  For some portions I used a hot knife tool to form the foam in place of a razor blade.

Next, all insulation foam pieces were sanded.

I then used black worbla with a heat gun to cover each piece of insulation foam. I used sculpting tools to blend/ attach each piece and to also add more detail to the worbla. 

Once all the worbla pieces were finished, I put four coats of wood glue all the now one piece to smooth and seal the worbla.

For painting, I used acrylic paint and sealed it with two coats of a matte crystal clear enamel.

To finish off the bow I added the small sections of fur with glue and added a thick cord.