Hanzo’s wolf head (Lone Wolf skin)- Overwatch

I used my previous reference images from Overwatch's Hero Gallery to create my templates.

To create the base structure of the wolf head, I cut out my pieces from insulation foam using a band saw. To carve and shape each insulation piece I used a razor blade and a hot knife and used hot glue to hold the basic structure together.

Once I was happy with where all my pieces sat,  I covered the entire head in black worbla and covered the entire head with two coats of wood glue to smooth and seal the worbla surface.

I then spray painted a base coat of tan paint for a primer and used acrylic paint for the details of teeth, nose, eyes & ear.

The last thing to do was to cover the entire piece with two different colors of fun fur using wood glue. To get the final shape of the fur, I used hair spray.