Mercy’s gun (Combat Medic Ziegler skin)- overwatch

The first step was to use Overwatch's Hero Gallery to view the skin. I used the print screen function on my computer to take images of the gun at every angle necessary for reference.

From these images I used Adobe Illustrator to draw simple profile views to print as templates for cutting or shaping the EVA foam.

I fabricated the gun from EVA foam, plastic tubing for structure, and dowel rods using rubber cement as glue.

To fill any gaps, I used DAP Kwik Seal to blend any unwanted seams from construction. After the Kwik Seal was dry I sanded and blended all edges to prepare for painting.

The final step before priming is to heat treat the EVA foam with a heat gun. This step is very important because it shrinks the grain structure of the foam to help it keep its' shape and make the paint stick to the surface better.

For priming I used black Plasti Dip and sprayed three coats to ensure full coverage.

After drying, the piece was ready to be painted with acrylic paint and then clear coated with two coats satin clear enamel to complete the building process.