Mercy’s Skirt (Pink skin)- overwatch


To create the skirt, I first took in game reference images from Overwatch of Mercy's wings. I then created my base lines in Adobe Illustrator (template available on my website, link below). Next, I traced my templates onto Veg-Tan leather for the details & trim and cut out with an exacto knife.

I then used Tandy Leather's Eco-Flo Cova Color leather dye & mixed it until I found my exact match in color. This specific type of dye is a surface dye which does not penetrate through the hide but instead sits on top. To apply it to the leather, I painted it on with a paint brush in 3 coats.

For the main part of the skirt I used a white Deerskin leather and again apply an all over light pink color using Eco-Flo Cova Color leather dye & a hot pink for the tail part.

To attach the details & trim, I used contact cement glue & applied it to both surfaces and let dry before firmly attaching them to each other. (Typically for gluing leather together you would use Eco-Flo Leather Weld however, the glue would peel up the dye from the deerskin and did not attach as strong for this specific method as contact cement glue.)

Once all pieces were attached, the last step was to sew the skirt to the actually dress & add velcro attachments & then the skirt was done!