Mercy’s wings (Combat Medic Ziegler skin)- overwatch

First I used Overwatch's Hero Gallery to take all the necessary screenshots to reference during the build. I created a template in Adobe Illustrator to serve as a guide during the 3D-Modeling phase of this project. Using Rhino5 for CAD, I imported my Illustrator template and built each individual part of the wings in this program.  

After each segment was built in Rhino, I engineered each piece to accommodate for electronics and 3D-Printing tolerances. Using my Prusa i3 Mk2 3D-Printer, I printed each part in PLA plastic and assembled each wing using two-part epoxy. Total number of 3d printed parts for the two wings (not including the harness) was 56 individual pieces. 

To remove the stair step look from the 3d printer, I used Flexible Spackling and sanded. Once this was done I sprayed a gray sandable spray paint to fill any final stair steps.

I then bought clear plexiglass sheet and cut it with a band saw according to the template for each wingtip. Total number of plexiglass wing parts were 10.

Next I had help from my business partner, Lance, who soldered my wires for the lights together and then I installed the LED lights into the wings.  I next cut 3/4" carbon fiber rods to serve as the skeleton for the wing and mounted them to each aluminum servo hub (HS-645MG Servo). The wings are controlled by a second person using an AR-600 receiver and DX6 Transmitter to controll from a three-position switch for movement.

Once the LED lights were installed, I glued all parts together using two-part epoxy. To fill any remaining seems I used Kwik Seal.

The final step is painting. I used acrylic paint on all the pieces and sealed it with a Satin Crystal Clear Enamel spray paint. 

TaaaaDaaaa! Light up, moving, Mercy wings!