Mercy’s wings (valkyrie skin)- overwatch

The first step was to use Overwatch's Hero Gallery to view the skin.  I used the print screen function on my computer to take images of the wings at every angle necessary for reference. From these images I made my templates on tracing paper.

For the shield I bought a small disc-shaped board, steel sheet metal, and steel rod from the local  hardware store. I cut a steel disc, and welded the steel rods to it to form the internal frame for the wings and shield. 

For the wings I cut and shaped my insulation foam with a band saw, razor blade, and hot knife.

After covering and connecting each piece with worbla, I used my hot knife to cut the appropriate holes to allow the wings to slide over the steel rods.

I then covered the steel and wooden disc of the shield in worbla and attached the wings to the shield. After I coated it in four coats of wood glue.

Once dry, I painted the entire piece in acrylic paint and sealed with gloss crystal clear enamel. (Looking back, I would have used a satin instead of gloss to reduce the shininess)