Mercy’s Shoes (2019 Atlantic All-Stars skin)- overwatch


To create the shoes, I first got in game reference images from Overwatch of Atlantic Mercy. I then got a base shoe from Steve Madden & wrapped it in saran wrap & masking tape and drew on my pattern with a Sharpie. I then used my pattern & cut 2mm EVA foam with an exacto knife to cover the base shoe. Next, I heat treated the foam with a heat gun & used contact cement glue to attach the pieces together. I then applied contact cement glue to the entire base shoe (avoiding the zipper) & to the EVA foam piece and let both pieces dry before attaching together. I then repeated this process to cover the heal of the shoe.

The next part, now that the base shoe was covered in EVA foam, was to add details. I first started by adding the point to the shoe using 2mm EVA foam. Once, it was attached to the shoe I cut out a triangle like piece from 2mm EVA foam and attached it to the bottom of the point (this will help to keep the shape of the point). I then used 4 & 6mm EVA foam to add the rest of the details to the shoe using the same, heat treat, gluing process & then used a sanding drum to round all of my edges. The final detail to make was the boot covering part, which I used 4mm EVA foam (this piece will be attached with velcro at the very end to help with transport & use the zipper on the shoe). The last step before painting was to use Kwik Seal to help hide/ blend any cracks & seams.

To prepare for painting, I sprayed three heavy coats of Plasti Dip & let dry (don't forget to mask of the zipper with masking tape). Once dry, I masked off the areas with masking tape & sprayed a base coat of black airbrush paint followed by silver. I then removed the masking tape & covered the now silver painted areas with masking tape. I then airbrush painted the pieces blue & added black around the edges for shading. Once dry, I removed the tape & added details by hand with black & silver Acrylic paint. The final step for the shoes was to apply a coat of Satin Clear Enamel spray paint to seal them.

Once everything was dry, I cut pieces of velcro and attached them to the shoes & boot covers using contact cement glue and then the shoes were done!