Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tiffany Gordon Cosplay?

I am a 27 year old girl named Tiffany from Texas. I have a pet cat named Cella & a rabbit named Chez. [Click here to find out more]

Do you make your cosplays?

Yes. I make everything on my cosplays from sewing, foam work, leather work, wig styling, wings, 3d CAD/modeling and printing, etc. If I did not make a part on a cosplay, I say so. [Click here to see all the cosplays I have made]


I would love to! Please send me your project description, deadline and budget estimate to [] and we can discuss more.

I’m a convention. Can you please attend our event?

I would love to! Please send me your convention name, date and what you would like me to do (cosplay guest, cosplay contest judge, panels, etc.) to [] and we can discuss more.

Is your 3d Cad for sale for ____ Cosplay/ prop?

No, I do not sell any of my stl/ 3D CAD files, I only sell my 2D PDF files [Found here]

Can I buy your cosplay/ props?

No, but I have blueprints available to help you make your own [here]

Do you have blueprints for ____ Cosplay?

Please check my available blueprints [Found here]. If you do not see a blueprint there then I have not made one for it yet.

What does ”to scale” mean for your blueprints?

“To scale” means that the blueprint is already scaled to a size that will work for most people and you will not have to put it into a program and scale it yourself. For size/dimensions of that specific blueprint please see in that product’s description.

How did you make ____?

For a specific cosplay [Click here]. For a specific prop [Click here]. If you do not see the prop/cosplay on either of these pages then I have not released the info yet or it may be on [] currently.

Can you help me with my cosplay?

I prefer to answer questions/ help via my LIVE cosplay stream on [] otherwise I am unable to help.

Can you make a cosplay/ prop for me?

Unfortunately no.

Can you go to ____ convention/ will you be at ____ convention?

With cosplay/ streaming being my full time job now, I can only go to conventions that I am a guest at. For a list of my upcoming conventions [click here]. If you do not see the convention you want me to go to on the list, please message that convention requesting me as a Cosplay Guest and maybe they will invite me and I can go!