Rocked Pack- Fallout

Rocket Pack

To create the Rocket Pack, I first took in game reference images from Fallout. I then created my base lines in Adobe Illustrator (Template available on my website, link below). I next imported my lines into a 3D modeling CAD program called Rhino 6 and made a 3d model of the rocket pack in 6 sections. Once I was happy with how they looked, I printed them on my 3d printer. I next removed the printing support material & epoxied each of the 6 sections together with a two part epoxy and let dry. To get rid of the ‘stair-step’ look from the 3D printer I covered the rocket pack with a Flexible Spackling Dap, let dry and sanded smooth. To smooth the pieces even more I then covered the entire rocket pack with two coats of sandable spray paint and sanded smooth.

To get ready to paint, I masked off areas with masking tape and then sprayed the rocket pack with red airbrush paint. Once dry, I removed the tape and masked over the red painted areas with masking tape. I then airbrush painted a base coat black followed by silver airbrush paint. When the silver was dry, I removed the masking tape and airbrush painted the piece black; wiping the paint off with a paper towel as I painted. Once done, I added the final details by had with Acrylic paint. The final step was to seal the piece with a Satin clear enamel spray paint and then attach the rocket pack to my harness and it was done!!!