Model: Tiffany Gordon

Ruler (Jeanne d’Arc) Head Piece- Fate/Apocrypha

Ruler’s Head Piece

To create the head piece, I first got reference images from the anime Fate/Apocrypha of Ruler's head piece. I then made a to-scale template in Adobe Illustrator of the head piece (available on my website, link below). I then cut 2, 4, 6mm EVA foam with an exacto knife. I next sanded all of my edges with a sanding drum and applied contact cement glue to my both sides of my pieces & waited for everything to completely dry before attaching together. I then used a heat gun to heat treat the foam and bend it into shape. Next, I cut out 4 triangles & 20 rectangles out of 2mm EVA foam & heat treated each piece. I then applied contact cement glue & while they dried I cut white thread. Once, the contact cement glue was dry, I sandwiched the thread in between the rectangle pieces so it stuck out of one side. Then I took 5 of the sandwiched rectangle pieces and sandwiched their treads in between the triangle pieces. Once everything was together, I then made a hole into the top part of the triangles and also into the bottom part of the head piece on both sides. To fill the cracks & seams, I used Kwik Seal & a craft stick.

To prepare for painting, I sprayed three coats of Plasti Dip on both sides of my head piece parts & let dry. Once dry, I sprayed a base coat of black airbrush paint followed by silver. I then used black airbrush paint to add details & followed by a light dusting of silver airbrush paint to the entire piece. The final step for the boot covers was to apply a coat of Satin Clear Enamel spray paint to seal them.

To attach the triangle pieces to the head piece, I used 20 gauge silver wire and made jump rings so the triangle pieces could move freely back and forth in the wind.

To attach the head piece to the wig, I epoxied 3 magnets to the back of the head piece and also to the wig (having magnets makes it so the head piece is removable and easy to pack & restyle the wig). Once all the epoxy was dry I was able to attach the head piece to the wig and it was done!