Model: Tiffany Gordon

Wicked Lady’s Wig- Sailor Moon


Wig pieces from / Wig: Gaia- Princess Pink Mix / Ponytails: 50" Ponytail Wrap- Princess Dark Pink Mix / *these wigs are not the same color & I had to add airbrush paint later to help blend them to look the same*

Base Wig (0:10) To create Wicked Lady's wig, I first purchased a base wig & two 50" ponytail attachments from Epic Cosplay Wigs. The wig come already in ponytails, however I wanted to change the location of them so I released them and combed the hair out with a comb. Next, I tied the hair up in ponytails again in the location I wanted & hair sprayed in place using got2b hairspray. I then tied off the ponytails 2" away from the main hair tie and cut the ponytails off with scissors (save the hair for later). To insure that the hair stub would not come undone, I covered the hair stub with hot glue.

Buns (0:34) For the buns I bought two styrofoam eggs and sanded the bottoms flat with sanding paper as well as the entire egg. I then used a soldering iron to hollow out the inside of the egg (the hair stub will be placed into here later). I next painted the entire egg pink with acrylic paint (this is so you do not see white under your applied hair). I then worked in sections to apply the hair from the cut off section of the pony tail to the egg. Using Sobo glue I laid the hair from the top of the egg to the bottom & trimmed the hair with scissors. To hide the ends, I applied hot glue to the ends of the hair & placed them inside of the egg. I then repeated this process for the entire egg & sprayed hairspray. To attach the buns to the wig, I applied hot glue to the entire hair stub & the bottom & inside of the egg & held firmly until the glue cooled & repeated for the other side.

Neck Hair (1:29) For the neck hair I thinned it out using thinning shears. I then straightened the hair with a straightener on lowest heat in sections & while the hair was still hot, I curled the hair around my fingers & held until cool & sprayed hairspray.

Long Face Curls (1:46) Next, I pinned back all of the bangs, leaving hair to make the long face curls. I then straightened the hair with a straightener on lowest heat & while the hair was still warm, wrapped it around a rod & held until cool & hair sprayed it in place. I then removed the rod & repeated on the other side (make sure to wrap the hair in the opposite direction for the other side).

Bangs (2:08) I next let down all of the bangs and trimmed them with scissors. I then separated the hair, working from the back wefts to the front. I then straightened the hair with a straightener on the lowest heat setting & while the hair was still hot, curled it around a hair curler & held tightly. I then sprayed the section with hairspray & used a hair dryer while the hairspray was still drying to lock the hair in place. Once dry, I removed the hair curler & repeated this process until I had one side done & hair sprayed again. Then I repeated for the other side.

Ponytails (3:01) For the ponytails, I worked with on at a time & tied them on a really tall stand so the hair did not touch the ground. I next brushed the hair & separated it into three sections. I then straightened one section of the hair with a straightener on the lowest heat & while the hair was still hot I wrapped it around a rod & held tight. I then sprayed hairspray & while the hairspray was drying I used a hair dryer to help lock the hair in place. I then released the hair & repeated this to the other sections. Once done, I wrapped the hair sections around each other to make one & hair sprayed again.

Ponytail Attachments (3:36) For the ponytail attachments, I cut off the ribbons on the ponytails & removed the black hair clip (hold onto the black hair clip for later). I then sewed the ponytail together with black thread & a needle. Next, I cut black ribbon & sewed it onto the ponytail. I then sewed on the black hair blip under the black ribbon.

All that was left to do was to tie the ponytails around the buns & my Wicked Lady Wig was done!