Tiffany Gordon Cosplay

Tiffany Gordon Cosplay is a Texas based cosplayer known for her attention to detail in her creations. She prides herself in being self-taught and always pushing to learn new materials and techniques when creating a cosplay.

Tiffany started her cosplay adventure in 2008, during her high school years attending and receiving various awards at local Texas conventions. After taking a break from cosplay while attending college, Tiffany then returned five years later making outfits for herself and friends. Since then she has dedicated all of her free time to fabricating outfits from many of her favorite video games and anime.

Tiffany prides herself on her vast array of materials that she incorporates into her creations, such as fabric, leather, wood, metals, worbla and EVA foam. She has recently expanded her range of materials to include 3d printed plastics. Every piece she 3d prints has been created from scratch off reference images and concept art in her preferred CAD software from start to finish.

Tiffany hopes to bring her material expertise to others through her social media and live streams to help inform and inspire other cosplayers to experiment and learn new techniques to create cosplay!