Model: Tiffany Gordon

Bulma Bunny- Dragon Ball

This cosplay took one week to make.

  • Shoes- Red shoes bought from Steve Madden

  • Blue Tights- Tights bought from Amazon

  • Tail- Styrofoam ball, white fluffy fabric

  • Black Leotard- Black stretch fabric from Yaya Han Fabrics, zipper

  • Cuffs- White fabric, interface, snaps, black buttons

  • Neck Collar- White fabric, interface, snaps

  • Red Bow Tie- Clip on bow tie bought from Amazon

  • Contacts- Colorvue Crazy Lens Space Blue from UNIQSO

  • Wig- Base wig bought from Epic Cosplay Wigs, styled, dyed with blue/black airbrush paint

  • Bunny Ears- Head band, wire, 4mm EVA foam, Black Plasti Dip (3 coats)