Estate Dress


Estate Dress

2013- 2014

51cm x 61cm x 69cm

Corset: Cast bronze, copper, black/brown patina

Skirt: Hand sprayed abaca paper, hand made abaca paper, tulle, lace gold and brown spray paint


Marie Antoinette as a child, was instructed to play with commoners, and taught to take part in outdoor activities, which was unusual for the aristocracy of the time.  The dress is less restricting than others, allowing for freedom of movement and relaxed motions.  It embodies her idea of life as a peasant, and her orders to construct le Hameau de la Reine on the grounds of Versailles, to serve as both leisure and a reminder of her childhood. Additionally, it shows her naivety in thinking such a detailed dress would be worn by the common people.


Design & Fabricator: Tiffany Gordon

Model: Tiffany Gordon

Photography, Hair & Make Up by Nico Nordstrom