Uprising Dress


Uprising Dress


90in x 90in x 49in

Corset: Glass, hand sprayed abaca paper, lace, fabric, ribbon

Skirt: Hand sprayed abace paper, tulle, ribbon

Hoop Skirt: Steel rod, fabric, ribbon


This dress represents Marie Antoinette's reaction to the sudden change taking place in her country. The incomplete look of the dress is a literal, visual symbol of the Queen's inability to prepare or the rapid and violent change. The glass corset is a direct allusion to the hall of mirrors and the end of the French monarchy. The viewer is met with their own reflection, thus showing how they are viewing the women in respect to the male gaze. Furthermore, the dress is a symbol of a distraught woman, showing her usually hidden emotions and exposing the world areound her. 



Design & Fabricator: TIffany Gordon

Model: Tiffany Gordon

Photography, Hair & Make Up by Nico Nordstorm