Gardens of Versailles Dress


Gardens of Versailles Dress


91cm x 91cm x 132cm

Corset: Copper, brass black and soot patina, ribbon

Skirt: Hand sprayed abaca paper


This dress represents the period shortly after Mary Antoinette’s arrival at Versailles, as she is growing more accustomed to the trappings of power.  The dress itself is modeled on the gardens, closer to the palace the gardens are immaculately kept and pristine as shown by the detail in the corset.  As you move further away from the palace, the gardens become less well kept, as shown by the gradually decreasing detail from the waist to the floor. This dress embodies the playfulness of the Rococo, combined with the flirtatiousness often seen in works of the period.  


Design & Fabricator: Tiffany Gordon

Model: TIffany Gordon

Photography, Hair & Make Up by Nico Nordstrom