Geralt- Witcher 3

Best in Show Group at South Texas Comic Con Saturday Cosplay Competition 2017, McAllen, Texas

  • Shoes- store bought from Steve Madden

  • Pants- brown upholstery fabric, brown fabric quilted, leather (dyed), buttons, black leather cord with gold beads

  • Belt- leather (dyed), buckle

  • Shirt- brown fabric

  • Corset- pleather, cord, stainless steel jump rings, zipper, leather straps

  • Arm/ Shoulder Pieces- Leather (dyed), buckles, leather straps, rivets, stainless steel jump rings

  • Leather Jacket- black leather, leather straps, snaps

  • Gloves- store bought brown gloves, rivet studs, leather straps, burlap, black leather cord with gold beads

  • Swords- wood (acrylic paint) [click for more info]

  • Sword Sheaths- leather, leather cord, leather straps, snaps

  • Necklace- copper, silver (acrylic paint) [click for more info]