Palace of Versailles Dress


Palace of Versailles Dress


49in x 91in x 91in

Corset: Cast bronze, brass, ribbon

Skirt: Hand sprayed bleached abaca, tulle, fabric, ribbon

Hoop Skirt: Steel rod, fabric, ribbon

Detail text:  "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche."


This dress is about Marie Antoinette's first arrival to the Palace of Versailles as a yound teenager. The dress is white, representing her wedding dress, her purity and carries her personal motif in gold around the skirt. In addition, the ribbon is a sign that Marie Anotinette was sen as a present to the French Monarchy. Finally, the cast breast corset emphasizes the male gaze as the king saw the new bride purely as a means to produce a future heir for the country.


Design & Fabricator: Tiffany Gordon

Model: TIffany Gordon

Photography, Hair & Make Up by Nico Nordstrom