Let Them Eat Cake Dress


Let Them Eat Cake Dress


226cm x 226cm x 129cm

Hand sprayed bleached abaca paper, water jet cut aluminum, tulle, wire, fabric, white spray paint, warp

Detail text:  "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche."


During her lifetime, Marie Antoinette is often viewed as being distant and unfazed by the desperate poverty of the common people during her reign, and by her extravagant spending. This vain and self-conscious personality is represented by the sheer size, detail and over the top impact of the dress on the viewer. For Marie Antoinette, the figurehead of one of the most powerful and wealthy monarchies of the time, it is no surprise she was “always self-conscious, always aware of her own presence in every action she preformed” (Berger).


Design & Fabricator: Tiffany Gordon

Model: TIffany Gordon

Hair & Make Up: TIffany Gordon

Photography by Brenden Freedman